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Why Us?

We realize a lot of people ask the question, why should I pay a travel agent when I can do it myself? In response to that, we let our customers tell you some of their stories. When your trip hits a road bump and you need help, who can you call? I was headed to Belgium to Continue Reading...
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Zika Travel Information

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has heightened the level of concern related to the Zika Virus. Please be vigilant in protecting yourself while traveling. Visit the CDC website for the most up to date information. Safe Travels!...
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There are too many to mention and they are always changing, like the weather. Call today to check out the latest and greatest deals! 800-451-7903 (740)335-6555 or email us at What are you waiting for? It’s time to “Pack-up”...
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Plan the Perfect Trip on Any Budget!

Whether you are looking for a stay-cation or heading for the opposite side of the world, Fayette Travel can help you get there with a budget you can afford. We are excited to show you how professional and great we are at planning your trips. Let us take the hassle out of planning for your Continue Reading...
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