I was taking an international business trip.  As I was leaving for the Columbus airport, Northwest called me to tell me my flight to Detroit was cancelled, but they could put me on an earlier flight to Detroit.  This was the only flight that would allow me to make my connection to Asia.  The problem was the flight was scheduled to leave in 1 hour, and I live an hour from the airport.  I called Fayette Travel, and they began working the phones to see what they could do.  As they worked the phones, I started my drive to the airport.

While I was driving, they called Northwest to see what could be done to hold the flight for me to get there, and also called Thrifty car park to make arrangements for me to park the car.  During the 1 hour drive, they called me several times to keep me posted on the plan.

Ultimately, they arranged for Thrifty car park to meet me at the terminal entrance rather than having me drive to their off-site parking facility.  They met me at the terminal door, and took my car.  This saved at least 10 minutes.  At the same time, a Northwest agent was waiting for me outside the terminal with my boarding pass and rushed me through security to the gate.  I made it to the gate and was able to board the flight.  Obviously, I was the last person to board.

She had made the arrangements with both Thrifty and Northwest to have people meet me outside the terminal to expedite me getting to the gate.

Their extra effort was the only way I was able to make the flight, and not have to reschedule my entire trip.

Tom Bath