When I announced in late 2010 to my first Austrian Alps-bound group of retired teachers that I intended to ask Fayette Travel Centre to handle the air for any who wished that service, there was a collective sigh of relief: It turned out that nearly all my travelers had already used our local travel agency in Washington Court House for their own trips.
That Sep. 2011 tour went flawlessly.  The Sep. 2012 tour, however, experienced two incidents where Fayette Travel Centre’s involvement was extremely helpful: One woman was injured on a Munich Airport escalator and appreciated FTC’s subsequent explaining and expediting of her travel insurance claim; and another woman’s mother-in-law died during the tour, so that she needed expert assistance in rebooking her return flights.
I, as group leader, have been grateful that FTC handled the reconfirmations of return flights–relieving me of a chore–and even offered to supply clever luggage tags to match the bright orange luggage belts I had given my participants.  I certainly plan to contact Fayette Travel Centre for future tours that I may organize.
Alice Craig